You MUST get these for carnival NOW!

Happy new years day everyone. I trust you all survived the festivities last night and are quickly recovering from your hangovers. Well it’s time to get cracking with your carnival prep.
First and most importantly is the matter of your shoes. Find a comfortable pair that preferably matches your costume (or at least doesn’t clash with it) and start working it in at the gym. Poorly fitting shoes will DESTROY your road experience.

Next, get some whitening products for your your teeth. Most of these take a while to reach their maximum effect so it’s best to start a bit early. Some may be saying, “what the hell, my teeth are quite fine”. Well think of it like this. You put on deodorant just like anyone else, but it’s your cologne that gives you the edge.

Get a decent camera. Most of the carnival pictures in this blog are from my personal stash. These are essential as your precious memories will quickly fade. I grappled with the choice of a point and shoot or more powerful camera but in the end ended getting the best point and shoot I could. It fits in a pocket and if a jouvert reveler dumps a bucket of paint on it and ruins it I will survive.

Finally get cracking in the gym. My previous post outlined its not too late.

For the new year I plan to post more often. Let’s see how that goes:)
In the meantime remember to send in your best carnival photos to [email protected]
They will appear in the lehwego PRO app.


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