The Carnival Connection Speaks!

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3 Responses

  1. shellyanne says:

    Love the summary. Leave them, let them wait and be indecisive…they go party outside and be a spectator on the road!One to add, when reading TCD’s blog make it a point to check out ALL those articles down the left…they can save you lots of time and make your life simple. Trinis take their Carnival seriously…doh stick if yuh planning to play. Have fun!Regards, Shelly-AnneVia BlackBerry®

  2. socamusic says:

    is it too late to use one of these services? Also you guys at LehWeGo should think about partnering with the guys at !! Both are great sites especially for us Carnival and Soca lovers!

  3. Lehwego says:

    Its almost never too late…its just that your choices will be limited. Regarding the mixfeed click on soca mixes on the top of this page or hotmixes in the lehwego PRO iPhone/iPad app. Im WAAAY ahead of you:)

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