In-De-Paint-Dance Review

·      Thanks to Feli for making the sacrifice in the state of emergency to goto this party and do this review for me…a real paratrooper!

 On First read of the invitation to the event on Facebook I became hyped. Music and the Beach was TOO much already and with the added bonus of FREE drinks and Paint for ONLY TTD 300 (early bird tickets) It was an event not to be missed and it outweighed all my expectations indeed!

Although the SoE curfew caused a change in the time of the event, which was originally carded to start at 2am (I think), we were not deterred as the time changed to 7am. I woke up bright and early at 5am and my husband Chad and I made our way to one of the meeting points (Trinity College Car Park). We got off to a late start, not leaving there till about 8am but we were on our way and that was all that mattered.

Unfortunately, another hindrance emerged, as we were restricted from proceeding to the venue by Officers and Army conducting searches. So we parked impatiently at Maracas Car Park for approximately 4 hours listening to music and dancing and chatting. We didn’t leave Maracas until after noon.

But who cared that we had a late start we were finally going to party!!!!!!!!! And party we did……We grabbed bottles of paint and started our In-De-Paint-Dance with a splash! Literally! Red and White Paint everywhere and later came the black….the bar took a while to be set up so we painted each other in the interim. The music was pumping and the energy was flowing. We danced and partied for hours. Luckily the sun wasn’t blazing down on us so we were able to enjoy the outdoors without being parched! Everyone was so free…dancing on each other, man and woman alike. Drinking and dancing and having the time of our lives. The DJ prompted us to take a dip and most of us dove into the sea (the water was wonderful). When we came out it was a great end to a great in de paint dance.

Kudos to the Organizers,,,, Caesars Army-Jules Sobian and his crew especially Darcel Kajim, the maxi drivers who shuttled us to the secret location, the corn soup and double men, the DJ’s that put a real pumpin spin on the afternoon and all who contributed and participate into making this event a success…..NEXT year for sure…..this is an event that can’t be missed!





So So there we have it…..I wish I was there but I will hold my corner and come properly in February for Caesars army J’ouvert!



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