Costume Season Begins!


So here we have it.  The first glimpse of what will be on offer for 2012.

From a guys point of view its looking good so far.  A nice little change from the norm, with no feathers in sight and a male costume that isn’t just a pair of board shorts.

Of course a small loincloth may not be for everyone, but at least it looks like we may have more than one option this year (in Harts at least).

For too many years the guys have been marginalized with basically a board shorts, with the only change year to year being the colour and location of the pockets.  A few bands put out a change now and then, but again I say…Better can be done.  Put a bit of thought into it!

We want something that looks good….makes us look good, and still covers the important parts.


Its an delicate balancing act though, because if we look too “pretty” people may get the wrong idea.

I for one am open to new designs and concepts and eagerly await this years offerings.


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