Bliss first look. Updated!

I’m not in Trinidad but thanks to the internet and “Trinidad and tobago carnival costume photos” on facebook I can try to gather all I can on the band launches.

Those with the Lehwego App got the news instantly on their phones.

Here is what we have so far in videos and pictures for Bliss.  Thanks again TTCC for the videos.  Lehwego iphone app users scroll to the top for the video link.





Ooops!  O.K., as I stated above the video clips that I had stitched together had been acquired through Trinidad and Tobago carnival costume photos  facebook page.  I took the liberty of compiling them into one continuous video for easier viewing which they didn’t mind.  I also, wrongly, put my blog name on the video without asking to try to drive traffic.  They certainly minded that!  SO….I’ve taken it down as per their request. I apologize. You can still see the videos on their facebook page in its many parts.  UPDATE: They have contacted me again and the video is back up…With a few changes:)

I will be changing the focus of the blog in the next little while to get back to looking at carnival from a mans point of view. Which is getting harder and harder as male costumes dont even make appearances at band launches anymore apparently:).  I will leave the breaking news for the Lehwego facebook page and the Lehwego iphone app.  

Stay tuned!  More is to come!


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