When is enough carnival enough?

Recently I have been wondering…. Will I be playing mas forever. Or will I grow tired of it and move on.

I have to admit it’s been a fantastic run. I have had 10 years of almost continuous, back to back epic carnivals.
For almost all of that time it has seemed inconceivable to me to not ALWAYS return to carnival.
But recently, as Lehwego has gotten bigger and I have been able to go to more carnivals, I have begun to feel things cannot stay the same.

No matter how good it is, after a while of getting it you will tire of it.


The evidence is in the pre carnival hype.
The anticipation used to start up to six months in advance with endless exercise and checking of websites for the latest news. The giddy anticipation of knowing that carnival is coming.
That was then.
This year I have paid not one cent down on Trinidad yet at a time when usually I would have plane fare, costume and accommodation sorted.
The tingle of carnival anticipation comes later and later each year.
It’s a double whammy as well as apart from carnival fatigue, I am gracefully getting old.


Don’t fret
But as much as I realise this is happening I also realise that I love this thing called carnival and refuse to let it go.
Just like sometimes you have to shake things up in your relationships I plan to shake things up with my carnivals as well.
Gone are the days where I was simply a passenger on the carnival train. Soon, I want to have my own train!
I want to bring the best of all that I have experienced to all of you (and take part in it too!)
I don’t know exactly how and when everything will happen but I do know that it WILL happen.
“I have never failed at anything yet and don’t plan to fail now” are words I live by and is the mantra of the Lehwego team.


So how much carnival is enough.
Let’s say if things go my way I may never find out.