Your Airbnb Guide to Jamaica carnival.

Airbnb has been a godsend for many wishing to travel comfortably at a reduced price in the USA and elsewhere.
While helping friends with accommodations I came to learn that Airbnb is alive and well here in Jamaica as well and offered several quite nice homes to stay in excellent locations.
Like with all things there are pitfalls and its important to know what you are getting into with the locations you choose for Airbnb.

While you can’t see the exact location of the property until you commit its relatively easy to score a property is a convenient and safe location if you have a few key words to go by.

It’s as simple as this

In your search, instead of putting “Kingston” as your search area, narrow your search to these safe and convenient areas.


New Kingston (Top Pick in terms of convenience and safety)

Other potentially good areas:
Barbican, Kingston
Hope pastures, Kingston
Mona, Kingston

These last 3 locations are a bit further from the parade route and the heart of the new Kingston district but offer relatively safe and comfortable locations.
As always with ANY of these locations please, please, please do your due diligence. You can score a S#!thole no matter how good the community.  Look at the photos provided, look at old reviews. Ask a friend who knows the area and you can even email me @ [email protected] if you are really without a compass.

With any Airbnb location it’s important to note you are not in the confines of a hotel. Just like back home you have to lock the doors, be vigilant when coming home at late hours after a fete and certainly don’t try walking alone in areas that are dark or lonely at nights. It’s just common sense!

Happy Searching