Bacchanal Jamaica, take my Facebook advice. I really think you need it.

I want to start this post by saying that I, by no stretch of the imagination, want to bash Bacchanal Jamaica.  As a veteran of the carnival “double” (Trinidad then Jamaica carnivals) I can honestly say that although its not as big, or pretty, or lasts as long, it’s JUST AS FUN.

BacchanalJA years agoalso put in place a few things (like servers roaming with buckets of bagged water, liqour and finger food) that bands in trinidad NEED to adopt. I even wrote YUMA hoping to make my 2012 experience a bit better.



BacchanalJA has also annually done their best to make the costumes look better and to keep the prices more than reasonable for an all day, food and liquor inclusive road party (avg price 160usd).

So my issue is obviously not with their product.  My problem lies with the way they market it.

Bacchanal Jamaica has a near abandoned facebook page that has over 600 fans and more people talking about it than my Lehwego facebook page. People come on it asking for sneak peeks of the costumes and to ask where the new mas camp will be etc.

Apart from 2 photos of a blue and a brown gem from upcoming costumes we the fans have gotten nothing for all our asking.

So Bacchanal Jamaica, here is my advice:

You need to take a page from the Trinidad bands book and start to build a vibe BEFORE its time to launch the band.


1. We have a new mas camp this year.  Give us clues and run a small competition where the users guess its new location (with a prize!!!)

2. Post more frequently, we want to see more than just those 2 sneak peeks.  You can at least show us more of the different costume colours without revealing the entire costume.

3. You can let users know the launch date for the band (including the press launch) and try to build a vibe towards that date.  

4. Involve fans more in the page.  facebook users are on your page asking to take part in anything, asking to hear about any news….it cant hurt to give it to them


So there! My rant is over.  Just some constructive critisism that I hope can help make things better for my beloved Bacchanal Jamaicas facebook home.

Bacchanal Jamaica….Feel free to offer me a job as your facebook consultant:)

Keep your eyes peeled to their page as they say more views of costumes will be dropping soon.

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