2012 UWI Mona carnival review by ManLi

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3 Responses

  1. thecarnivalconnection says:

    this..is the tamest video footage?? lol

  2. DionneAriane says:

    [email protected] “Jamaica’s future looks acrobatic”…
    I agree… with lots of broken trees and disrespected statues and police cars! LOL

  3. Lawless says:

    I ain’t no prude, but this is pushing it even for me! Imagine what the after party must have been like… 8-|

  4. Cris says:

    Hi…I am a graduate student fron the States and I would like to attend UWI Mona Carnival for 2014. What are the dates?


  5. Diandra says:

    The dates have not yet been published but you can follow the UWI guild of students page on FB or twitter to get updates

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