Time to get your Trinidad carnival 2015 body.

Most of the big bands have launched and undoubtedly you have selected which costume you want.
It’s now that the real work begins.  Carnival is about woman and their amazing costumes  but as a man all you get a pair of board shorts and a cup.  You can’t amaze with your costume, so you MUST amaze with that carnival physique.

The process of getting a better body is a long and arduous one so you must start now!  Several members of the Lehwego team are taking it to the next level for 2015 and so I will impart what I told them, to you!


Time under tension

This concept needs to be at the core of any effort you make to get a better body. Think of curling a weight up with your arms.  The part of the exercise where the weight is moving up, or slowly down, is difficult. When the weight is hanging down or you simply let it drop to its lowered position takes little to no effort.  Guess which part gets results:)

To maximise your  gains you need to maximise the time your muscle is actually under tension from weight.  So flex the muscle in a controlled manner to raise the weight and lower the weight in an even more controlled manner so the muscle has no time to relax and is under tension for an appropriate time.
You need to make it so for each set your muscle is under tension for 45 to 60 seconds.

Most people will run through 8 reps in under 10 seconds. So you see that the first thing to do is to decrease your weight and slow your reps waaaaaay down with no rest between reps.  Also, you need to increase your reps to make it to the target time.  It will feel easy the first 10 second then welcome to hell after!

After a few weeks you will adapt and will be able to start incrementally increasing your weight.
Scientific studies and sports physiology research back up my claims. Google it!


Although I aim this article at guys looking to get more buff, ladies, don’t miss out on the body you have always wanted.  Dieting alone  will make you shed muscle as well as fat and result in a case of the jiggles even if you get to your target weight/size.

Muscle is firm and will “tan up”  while fat can only jiggle.
Use these same principles and lift weight to keep or increase your muscle mass.

Do not fear getting muscle bound

Many women say “I’m afraid of getting too muscular”. This is a statement fuelled by sheer ignorance of the facts of building muscle. An adult woman has the testosterone level of a 10 year old boy and so even if she does work as intensely as the guy shrieking in the back of your gym she will gain a lot LESS muscle. If you think this muscle growth thing is an easy road you are sorely mistaken (no pun intended).
My advice ladies. Follow the same principles and get that fitness model physique you want.  It WILL take YEARS. But in the end you will not regret it.

For both sexes also heed my humble advice.  Get a personal trainer who has experience training people for physique or bodybuilding competition.  If you need one in Jamaica click here
Carnival is just like a physique competition with bulking then dieting to get the ripped abs etc.  Let them know your goals and guide you.

More fitness info is coming!

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