Time to Eat clean. Trinidad Carnival 2014 is coming

For the last few months I have been doing my best to get my body into shape for the greatest show on earth.   I now weigh more than I ever have in my life,  190lbs.  It’s great that I have put on a few pounds of muscle but I don’t want to go to Carnival smooth and soft.
The time has come to start eating clean. That is, to eliminate all fats from the diet while taking in enough calories to keep your muscle.
This phase of your diet is much easier, because you don’t have to be hungry, you just need to eat more sensibly.
Every time you pick up a piece of chocolate or a bag of chips stop and think about what you’re doing. You are throwing away months of hard work and a potential ab or two!
Here are a few easy changes you can make in your diet to decrease your fat intake.


Get rid of it. It may make food drier and a bit less flavourful but most often its basically liquid fat with flavouring
Drink water
If you pay attention to the nutritional facts you will notice that almost all packaged juices and drinks, even cranwater, have about 30g of sugar per serving.  Even natural juices straight from the fruit.

This amount of sugar on a chronic basis adds up.  When you take in all those simple calories your body is primed to store more fat!

A simple and powerful way to help cut calories is to stop drinking those sweet drinks and juices and replace them with water!
Snack smart
This is difficult but can be useful in cases where you CANNOT resist snacking.  I love salty snacks but they are also full of oils and fats.  So I take the time and spend the money finding those magical snack that ease my cravings without adding a lot of calories to the mix.

Quaker poppers and flavoured ricecakes come to mind

No Patties
When you read your dieting advice on the net you often see references to all sorts of foods that we are just not used to in the caribbean.  You may be of the opinion that some of our caribbean dishes are relatively healthy.

Think again.  The average Jamaican beef patty contains aroung 14g of fat.     A gyro has about 12g and the same goes for the average doubles.

Take the time to look for healthy options!


Keep an eye on the blog and facebook page as I sample healthy lunches from around Kingston, Jamaica!


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