Make magical abdominal muscles for carnival 2014!

For years I have shouted from the hills the benefits of going to carnival cut and jacked!   Being in prime physical shape while half naked and covered in a glistening sheen of perspiration on the road gets attention.  You work hard at it all year, you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour (even Noah did in Genesis 9:21)

Trust me on this one fellas.  Work hard on all of your body.   Women,  be it even unconsciously,  prefer more athletic, symmetric physiques (work your legs young fella). But even more so,  one body part rules supreme in terms of catching the eye.

The abs

Ulisses-Jr1Be you big,  small or in between, a great set of abs will set you apart from the crowd.
Getting those abs is a long hard process.

It requires 2 things really.

The main one is getting your body fat low enough so that your abs show.  Even if you have never done a situp in your life, a low body fat will reveal a “sixpack”.   This is because that rippled appearance is the natural shape of that particular muscle (the rectus abdominis)
The second aspect is to make those ripples more pronounced,  sharper,  more impressive with resistance training (not a million crunches).

Of course you have to work the obliques as well but I recommend doing that without added weight to avoid a blocky square looking waist.

Take a look at some lehwego approved ab workouts to get your abs in shape.

I plan to follow my own advice for the next 4 months: here is my before photo.


Look out for progress come 2014

Got abs?


Thanks to Ulisses Jr. for the amazing abs shots!

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