Lets get started.

The other day I came across the Antilles riddim  which you can hear in the youtube tab in the lehwego app or in super soca 16 in the soca mix tab.  This riddim has really gotten me in the vibe to start my preparation for 2012!

I have been diligently keeping in shape and the gym work has been going well.  Its now time to slowly ease into a proper diet.

I’m not a big fan of starvation.  You shouldn’t be either.  A drastic diet is exactly what you don’t want as the first thing that your body goes for in times of starvation is muscle.  A few weeks of starving yourself will undo months of gymwork if you are not careful.

The secret is to start eating very sensibly while keeping up the gymwork.  Eliminate all junk food….I mean all!  Replace chips with an apple.  Replace whole milk with skimmed milk.  Replace juice with water.

In your meals you have to make the sacrifice.  No gravy…no chicken skin…no fried anything.

After a month or so you will catch yourself saying things like “this is really good lettuce” (it’s true).

Your body will slowly capitulate to your demands.

On a separate note, I hope you have all started practicing for the video competition….I know I have!


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