Less than 90 days to Trinidad carnival 2015. Here is my Work out Plan!

Today is 86 days till I get on the plane to Trinidad.  The new music has started to trickle out, I have finally paid for a costume in Enter the Dragon in Fantasy and I am starting to feel the Carnival Vibe!

Its now time to take things to the next level in terms of my physical prep.

Once again I’m planning to get in better shape than I have ever been in before and I’m willing to do what it takes to get there.

In the last few months I have been working hard to bulk up, and trying to eat more to support that.  Its been a rough road as I’m an old fogie now but even with a trainer I have fallen into a “comfort zone”.  Just going through the motions and although im working hard my body has grown used to the work.

Its time to break out of the comfort zone wine down (64 of 189)

Starting TODAY I am going to start 30 straight days of 5k’s on top of my work out.  I goto the gym in the morning most days and will make sure to hit the road in the evening.  On the inevitable days I can’t manage the run I will do a small workout at home.

After that 30 days I will start to move into HIIT.  High intensity interval training.   My HIIT of choice is mountain springs.  A steep hill above Kingston.  Hill sprints till you are dizzy are a great way to lose fat.

During this time I will NOT be dieting.  To maintain this level of activity I will need calories.  The secret is to just keep it clean.  No gravy. No oily food.  Dry chicken breast and boiled ground provisions.

Once January comes around we will talk about a diet!


If you are starting from scratch. I would not recommend the above advice.  Start simple:
Get a trainer.
Get advice.
Get a workout partner.
Find something that works for you.
Stick to it or try to excel in it.



If you want to look like you never have before…..

you have to do things you haven’t done before!