Sunny Side Up 2012 Review

Sunny side up had always been a good fete for me and my crew.  We have NEVER been able to get enough Vale tickets and to tell the truth we have been quite happy to stick with good ole Sunny Side Up.

This year there was a bit of trepidation, as the venue has changed and there is more competition in the sunday morning breakfast party scene with UP being a new player in the market located right where Sunny Side Up used to be.

So on sunday morning we headed to the venue.  First off, as a foriegner this new venue is much easier to find than the old one.  There is much more parking, both on the street and in a designated large parking lot across the street.

We quickly gained entry into the venue and found it to be completely different from the old venue.  The new SSU venue is more akin to a large backyard than the street vibe the old venue brought.  To its credit, the venue is more spacious and surrounded by trees that did provide a little shade in the morning.

As we entered the fete we were greeted by the smell of doubles, with food stations to the right and bars to the left.  it seemed that the rear half of the venue was almost completely lined with bars/food stations.  We were also pleasantly surprised by a large indoor food court in the venue which allowed you to see what you were eating in the early morning.

A large VIP section was also situated near the front of the venue….I’m too poor to go there so I cant tell you what that was like (SSU crew…sort me out next year nuh?).

The start of the fete was a little scary as we didn’t know what to extpect with this new venue.  It filled up quickly but the vibes were a bit subdued and everyone was just liming rather than partying. As the morning got brighter the vibes increased till the critical flash point….FOAM!!!


The foam brought an EXPLOSION of vibes!  It also seemed to bring an explosion of big, thick bareback, six pack toting men from all over, making Lehwego seem like just one in a crowd of many.  All the same there was enough women and vibes to go around, so who vex?.


Scattered throughout the morning we had perfomances by KES, Ricardo Dru and Blaxx (yes, yes…deh rob you AGAIN for monarch Blaxx, we know.

Surprisingly the perfomances didn’t dampen the vibes and we partied till the sun started to Pelt.

At the end of the fete food was still available and I left with a full belly.

SSU gave out goody bags with shirts and other niceties to the satisfied patrons.

Even out in the road outside the venue the vibes continued.  We saw wine though car window, and one poor guy trying to turn a corner with not one but TWO car doors open with occupants hurling their stomach contents on the road… a sign of a good fete by any measure!


Overall, Sunny Side Up has again shown it’s one of the best breakfast parties out there.  While I haven’t yet had the chance to touch Vale….I left SSU a happy camper and will be back next year.





Here is a video of a bit of what I experienced.



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