YUMA Launch

Last night Yuma threw down the carnival gauntlet, so to speak.  After a season of complaining about male costume combo number 1 over and over I have finally found a band that gave a damn about the male masquerader.   Its now time to quickly decide which one of their costumes I want and start making arrangements.

The female costumes were bright, colourful and skimpy with no odd ones out or obviously ugly costume.  This last one is important.  While I may like one more than another there is no costume that looks like an afterthought or junk.

They also threw out several options for MALES!!!  So you actually have a choice! different size headpieces, shorts vs spandex.  I’m flabbergasted!  It’s these little things, which for years has been the bare minimum for female jumpers that the males are finally getting thanks to Yuma.

I had annoyed the Yuma staff a few times with emails asking for this and that for next year….I wonder if I am the cause of their greatness:)   Delusions of grandeur aside, I advise all males jumping in carnival next year to try get your crew to jump with Yuma so you can jump in a costume instead of ‘combo number 1’  (Yes, I’m that impressed).  If they do the things I had suggested HERE…I will walk the streets recruiting people for them.

Scroll down for a video summary of their launch and Here is a link to the photos taken by Trinidad carnival costume photos.

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