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OK.  Another carnival band has launched.  For those of you considering Spice its time to make some real serious decisions about which costume is really talking to you.  Consider your body type, your comfort level with your body etc in making your decision.  I will, with this review give you what I think guys are considering and thinking about these costumes.

First here is the album.  I wasnt there so I give special thanks to Saucy from Trinidad carnival diary for going and putting these up.

Overall it was a solid presentation.

Special mentions


Yanomai is my pick for the male costume.  The males actually get a nice full headpeice and I actually think the individual should have been an option for the male jumpers who have the body to put in it (without the wings of course).  I know it looks kinda gay when you see men wearing too many fandangles but I think I have the guts (etc) to wear the loincloth,  (would remove the unnecessary wings etc.) and stand firm in my manlihood! 

I also loved the arm feathers on Trique.  Lots of extra feathers but out of the way! 

The Mono-wing on Yanomai is interesting.  It moved nicely and I actually liked how it looked on the model while she was dancing on the live stream.  It would be real hard work for any guy to ketch a wine on a girl in that costume though.  Lots of bending to the side:)

The remaining costumes, both male and female were good with none having any major faults.  Again for the men its all combo number 1…..chose the favorite colour shorts or chose the section with the best female costume.

Let us see what the next launch has to offer.

Looking forward to more good stuff in the days to come!



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One thought on “Spice Costume Review

  • July 11, 2011 at 3:09 am

    Those male costumes lack EVERYTHING…but that white and gold individual is a BESS costume!

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