Pitfalls of kadooment you should be aware of!

First of all, don’t let the title frighten you.   Crop over is truly a fun experience.  It is important however to know about a few things in order to help maximize your fun and to not be let down by unrealistic expectations.


Kadooment day usually starts at a  large parking lot called Warrens plaza, but there are discussions this year about changing the starting location to the National stadium.  More info on this is to come.  


The road parade is SHORT and INTENSE.  They start in the am ( I think about 8 or 9am and its non stop jamming till 3pm when BAM…..it’s all over.  Yup.  At 3 when most carnivals reach high gear, Kadooment day is all over.  So there is no lunch stop although most larger bands will provide some food on the go.

On top of this it ends MILES away from where it starts.   Too far to reasonably walk back to the start where you parked.  Most people arrange to have a friend park at the finish and catch a ride back to their cars.

BUT I want more

You may feel that you want more and decide to stay later at Spring Gardens where the party stops but I have been told that the crowd there can get a little rough and its best to call it a day when your band disperses.

Apart from these little differences I found it to be a standard carnival experience, be it uniquely Bajan.  We are looking forward to showing you how KRAVE the band does it differently as well!



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