LEHWEGO and SLEEK for XHOSA Barbados 2016


Frontline starts at 750usd- as pictured 950usd

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Once again, we are proud to announce our section in Xhosa Barbados.

Midline starts at 420usd -as pictured – 620usd

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Xhosa 2015 was my best Kadooment day EVER and I can’t wait to take part again and to take as many of you as possible with me!

Male -335usd

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Expect only the best service and Fantastic vibes on the road.  We don’t pose, we party!

Backline starts at 390usd – as pictured- 640usd

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Spots in this exclusive LEHWEGO and SLEEK section are in short supply so you must not tarry.

full figured 420usd

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Remember that all LEHWEGO and SLEEK masqueraders will enjoy exclusive photography by both of our LEHWEGO photographers and SLEEK photogs as well, some of the best in the business (if we must say so ourselves)