Crop over bands and costumes for 2013

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  1. Jo-Anne says:

    You have it about right… I have been jumping with Box Cart for 6 years now, and while more and more people are switching to Box Cart every year, I would have to recommend Baje as the band you should jump in. Box cart amenities are in line with most if the other bands with the exception of snacks on the road and food after. However I prefer the costumer service they offer, and this is one band that would surely never run out of drinks. It also helps that you get in free to their beach parties til about October or discounted prices for the more expensive ones. (Which doesn’t matter to you cause you don’t live in BIM)

  2. ManLi says:

    Thanks. What do you know, or what have you heard about Zulu international?

  3. Jo-Anne says:

    Haven’t heard much about them other than that they are a new band. I see them pushing hard to peak peoples’ interest’ but sorry to say that in BIM being new works against you and so while their costumes may look nice and they may offer a great package at the end of the day people gonna stick with what they know. They may get some of the younger 20s crowd from Baje .

  4. ManLi says:

    Hrmm. Food for thought.

  5. SC81 says:

    You can also look in contact. I jumped with them in the past, always had a good time on the the road with them.

    This year though I am trying Zulu.

  6. ManLi says:

    Considering joining u:)

  7. BajanLeLe says:

    I have played mas with PLENTY bands and I must say that Fantasy has THE BEST customer service EVER!!!! Baje was horrible last year with their customer service for overseas masqueraders so my group ended up playing with Fantasy!! That was by far THE BEST decision we ever made! From registration, til our drunk and tired bodies made it to the end of the road, Fantasy provided TOP NOTCH accommodations!!! Looking forward to being with them again this year!

  8. SC81 says:

    Come on!!!!

    Spread your hands and Leggooooo!!!

  9. That9Girl says:

    After deciding on your costumes, prepare for masquerade vibin to this sweet soca tune to get you in the carnival mood!
    * DE CARNIVAL (We Love It) * by MindBenda from the Krosfyah camp.

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