1. How is carnival chasers different from the other carnival photo sites out there?
Carnival Chaser Magazine is different from other carnival photo sites out there because: 1. Aside from the website we will also produce a physical magazine as a collectors item from each carnival we visit.   2. We bring a sense of association to the real “Carnival Chasers” who leave their hometown, use up all their vacation days, create carnival savings plans all year round to follow carnivals in the Caribbean, North America and other parts of the world. After all, every carnival deserves a good chaser

2.What carnivals do you plan to cover on an annual basis?
On an annual basis, we plan to cover Trinidad, Jamaica, Cayman, Atlanta, DC, St. Vincent, Toronto, Barbados, London, New York and Miami.

3.How often will you publish paper versions of the magazine?
Magazines are published annually per carnival.

4. How will people be able to get a copy?
People will be able to get a copy through the website and selected outlets. Information for distribution outlets in the carnivals city will be posted online.

5.Why do a paper version?
In today’s society, people are so bombarded with online material including headlines, articles, news, photos, videos. We have decided to do a print version . Plus, print always looks nicer 

6. Which carnival outside of trinidad is your favorite?
This is such a hard decision as there are many, however, I’m going to say Miami Carnival is my favorite outside of Trinidad. I’m glad that they have come together to form the ‘one” carnival. It is a reflection of our communities putting aside differences and reuniting outside of the Caribbean. Also, it is the last for the year before Trinidad.

7. How was the magazine created?
After “chasing” carnivals for the past few years, and facing tabanca every time, we felt it would be nice to have some kind of print material to bring back home with us and share with our friends. Much credit is due to the vast amount of websites, blogs and facebook pages that provide photos of all the bacchanal on the road.




Take a look at Carnival Chaser’s facebook page and Website including their just uploaded photos from Jamaica Carnival.




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