Dusk, Jamaica 2015 review

Carnival Monday night all socaphiles in Jamaica make their way up to our beverly hills for Dusk. Like it’s namesake it is the playground of the well off here in Kingston and the event...


I love soca cooler fete 2015

This year Jamaica carnival was bigger and better than ever before but as a band leader I got to enjoy less of it than ever before. I was at distribution and getting things in...


Goodbye, my friend.

Jodi-ann Aleza Williams.   You touched the lives of many (including writing for this blog), and epitomised the phrase you wore as your cape.  “I am Soca” You will be missed


Sunrise breakfast fete 2015

Carnival Saturday bright and early I crawled out of bed.  Last year I was late and that fate wasn’t going to happen to me again this year.  Sunrise Breakfast fete was the climax of...


Carnival in Jamaica 2015 review

This year Jamaica carnival was truly new territory for me. With my own section (LehwegoSleek) I came to realise making mass is hard work but oh so worth it. Jamaica carnival on a whole...


Thank you! From LehwegoSleek

This year was my first doing more than just giving you info on parties. This year I was part of a team that actually helped to bring forth mas. Doing this has been a...


Xhosa for Cropover!

Welcome to Xhosa Promising to revolutionize the reveling experience, Roast Entertainment has evolved to extend its quality entertainment packages to the Premium Mas’ Band Xhosa. A Barbadian engineered experience, the Xhosa family extends throughout...


Foreign parties for carnival in Jamaica?

This year,  the influx of foreign parties into the Jamaican Carnival landscape has Continued and even increased. I see the outside invasion continuing and as long as our carnival is growing there is NO...