BLISS Barbados

Bliss Barbados is considered by many, and certainly by us here at lehwego, one of the best events for Cropover annually. I recently spoke to a member of Esquire entertainment, the promoters of this...


Your guide to Bajan food.

Why you should NEVER go hungry during Crop Over BY BAZODEE MAGAZINE  JUNE 2, 2015 Traditional Barbadian food is an important element of the culture of Crop Over so it would be a grave...


Cropover 2015 mixes

One of the things I really really like about cropover is the music. It is a carnival with a fresh infusion of high energy and sweet soca with its own unique style. It’s a...


Get in shape for Cropover 2015

It’s just about 2 months to go till cropover in Barbados. For the veterans among us it’s time to #getrippedordietrying and for newbies it’s time to pay your dues! Unlike Trinidad and to a...


Where to eat in Barbados

For some of us, travel to Barbados is a new experience full of unknowns. For the brave traveller it’s more of an opportunity to experience new things. New Fetes and a new carnival for...


Marbana 2015

On easter Sunday we made the scenic drive on the north coast through the beautiful hills and lush jungles of portland to the word renowned frenchmens Cove. We eagerly anticipated what M7Events had in...


Dusk, Jamaica 2015 review

Carnival Monday night all socaphiles in Jamaica make their way up to our beverly hills for Dusk. Like it’s namesake it is the playground of the well off here in Kingston and the event...


I love soca cooler fete 2015

This year Jamaica carnival was bigger and better than ever before but as a band leader I got to enjoy less of it than ever before. I was at distribution and getting things in...


Goodbye, my friend.

Jodi-ann Aleza Williams.   You touched the lives of many (including writing for this blog), and epitomised the phrase you wore as your cape.  “I am Soca” You will be missed


Sunrise breakfast fete 2015

Carnival Saturday bright and early I crawled out of bed.  Last year I was late and that fate wasn’t going to happen to me again this year.  Sunrise Breakfast fete was the climax of...